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SAC vs Calcium Supplements

By March 1, 2018Resources, SAC

SAC vs Calcium Supplements

Americans today are facing a serious health issue: More than 75% Americans are calcium deficient.

Even more shocking is the fact that calcium deficiency is responsible for nearly 150 different degenerative diseases, including obesity, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, high cholesterol, hypertension, allergies, cancer, and even more.

Unless treated immediately, we are setting ourselves up for a major health breakdown. The stomach needs a strong acidic environment for calcium absorption from food or supplements. However, people over the age of 60 produce only 1/4 of the stomach acid they did when they were 20, leading to poor absorption of calcium.

Even what is absorbed doesn’t end up in the bones, due to lack of exercise and a more sedentary life style.

Even with a plethora of calcium supplements sold in America, incidences of osteoporosis are still on the increase. Why?

There are many problems with traditional calcium supplements, since their calcium absorption rates are usually too low to be of use. Sources – such as from coral, plants or algae, may vary in quality, but the problem is that absorbed calcium enters our blood vessels as inactive protein-bound calcium which our body cannot utilize directly to build up bones.

Protein calcium is only utilized after extensive exercise which most elderly Americans do not engage in. Even worse, high calcium intake in this protein-bound form develops side effects such as acid rebound, kidney damage, vascular calcification, and mineral imbalance.

For these reasons, many trained medical professionals discourage the use of calcium supplements.

Building the Bone Density

Almost all your body’s calcium is stored in bone, but the tiny amount that circulates in your bloodstream is disproportionately vital to normal physiology.

About half of this circulating calcium (50%) is “ionized”, which means it carries electrical charges.

Ionized calcium (Ca2+) is the only physiologically active form that can be recognized by our body and absorbed in our bones by stimulating hormones, which trigger the bone formation process .

Ionized calcium in the blood is so vital that the body cannot permit it to fluctuate. Therefore, even a slight increase in the concentration of ionized calcium in the blood triggers the bone building process to take excess calcium into bones.

Utilizing this process is by far the most effective and safe way to build bone density, since it follows the body’s natural bone building mechanism.

Functions of Ca2+ in Our Body

  • Muscle and Heart Contraction
  • Bone and Teeth / Blood Clotting
  • Stem Cell Regulation
  • Neuro-Transmitter / Fertilization
  • Hormone secretion / Enzyme Activation
  • Immune system / Cell Membrane Stability
  • Cell Functions and DNA Replication

Triggering Bone Formulation

When the calcium ion concentration rises even slightly, the thyroid gland immediately increases the secretion of calcitonin into the blood, which removes calcium from the blood plasma and deposits it as new bone.

The above process is both natural and safe, but there has simply been no way to add ionized calcium into our blood serum directly to initiate the bone formation process… until today.

The revolutionary SAC Formulation Technology has made possible what other calcium supplements and prescription drugs could not achieve. Activating and sustaining the natural bone-building process through the flash of calcium ions is both safe and fast. Most people experience a significant improvement in bone density within just six months of usage, without any side effects.