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SAC (Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium) is the calcium-ion-delivery-system in the supplement form that helps restore calcium homeostasis, lack of which serves as a cause for many chronic degenerative diseases.


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Many published clinical studies have already confirmed the connection between ionic calcium imbalance and age-related degenerative diseases. SAC technology infused supplements can enhance the restoration of the balance, without known side effects.


The cutting-edge technology when conventional treatments need a boost

No invasive procedures, no drug-potent toxic effects. From cancer to rare diseases, before or after conventional treatment protocols, taking ionic-calcium builds up underlying health to bolster the efficacy of conventional treatments


About Us

Pronuvia is dedicated to provide optimal health and improve the lives of patients by developing innovative and effective supplements based on ongoing clinical trials and breakthrough research.

Our focus is applying Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium (SAC) technology in developing an effective calcium ion supplement to help improve over a hundred calcium related diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.

SAC restores our body’s natural balance and activates powerful healing potentials by triggering the cascade of hormonal responses which leads to calcium homeostasis.  Being 200x more soluble than calcium carbonate, SAC stands as the world’s first true calcium-ion delivery system.  Restored calcium homeostasis induces cellular decalcification, optimal cell signaling, and mitochondrial function.  By improving our body’s health from the cellular level up, we shoot for a miraculous recovery from disease.



About 50% of calcium in our blood is inactive. SAC calcium activates and utilizes inactive calcium in our blood and reduce calcification.


SAC calcium helps maintain proper calcium level in the body by triggering thyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone to enhance bone turnover rate.


SAC helps calcium to reach the ultimate destination– the bone by stimulating osteoblast, our body’s natural bone building process.

Did you know that about 147 diseases are related to disrupted calcium homeostasis?

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